Review: Let’s Play: A Sports Romance Anthology


Down, set, play!

Muscled men on every… single… page!

Beauty, brains, and talent, can the fierce women from each story whip these players into shape?

This heart racing, sweat pouring, limited edition collection is full of unforgettable romances, built to stand the test of time.

From bad boy quarterbacks to sweet short stops, the characters use the field to their advantage.

All your favorite story lines with the right amount of heat.

Don’t miss the plays in this fiery collection.

My opinion:

My Review is for the book: Loose End by Melissa Ivers

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Loose End by Melissa Ivers is a short sexy romance story. It’s the prequel for the new series Nashville’s Aces.
It introduces the characters for the book Tight End.

June Jones was getting married after a four-year relationship. On her
wedding day, she caught her soon-to-be husband cheating on her with his best man. She couldn’t handle the situation so she
went to the nearest dive bar to drink. She was dressed like a Cinderella with her beautiful dress and she caught «Prince Charming’s»
eye. They agreed in a night full of pleasure and nothing more. But Ryan for the first time in his life wanted more…

It’s an incredible book that will have you laughing and then melting from their heat. It’s a perfect opening for a lengthy story.
I can’t wait to read more about those two amazing characters.

I found my fiancé sucking on the best man’s dick like it was half price Slurpee day at the 7/11.”

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