Review: The Thief Catcher by Jonette Blake


A holiday in this tropical resort could be her last.

Delia Frost is ready to quit her job and take a holiday. But she wants a relaxing holiday, not the one her husband dreams of; traveling in a motorhome. Sending airfare money to her two children who are holidaying abroad so they can all meet up for this family holiday, she packs her and her husband’s bags for seven glorious days in a tropical island resort.

But even thieves need to take a holiday, and once more Delia finds herself caught in a web of thievery and murder. And this time it is not only her life in danger, it is the lives of her children.

Can she catch this murderous thief before it’s too late?

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Thief Catcher by Jonette Blake is a mystery novel. It’s the second book from A Delia Frost novel series.

Delia and her husband Richard wanted to have a little vacation before their trip with the motorhome. Their destination was the Majestic Island and they invited their kids as well. Delia wanted to relax, spend quality time with her family, and celebrate her husband’s birthday. Unfortunately for Delia, her wish couldn’t be granted. From the very first moment, they went their strange incidents were happening.
First, the death of a maid, then a piece of stolen jewelry, and the meeting of an old acquaintance had intrigued her curiosity and raised her level of fear. The last thing she needed was a replay of what happened back home. Delia’s only option was to catch the thief before it was too late.

I am amazed by Mrs. Blake’s writing style. When I started reading this book I could immediately remember the previous one I had readen months ago. Her books are from those that stay in your mind for a long time. Even though this is part of a series the plot is different. It started with a mystery event and it gradually escalated. There was a lot going on at the same time which made it hard for me to play detective. I was surprised by the revelation in the end. Delia Frost is an incredible character, she’s a mix of an innocent
bystander and Mrs. Marple.

The Thief Catcher is a book I highly recommend to mystery lovers. I will rate it with 5 stars.

P.S. Make sure to read the first book from the series.

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