Review: Texting with the Enemy by Delaney Stewart and Marika Ray


She’s texting him her heart. But she’s got the wrong number…

When Isabel “El” Watson applied for a sales job with her company, she had no idea a jelly donut would explode on her blouse, or that her grumpy boss would practically laugh her out of the interview. Accountants could be salespeople, she was sure of it, even if that jerkface didn’t think so.

So when a lady at the local wine festival offers her a sales job on the spot at a new boutique winery, El jumps at the chance. She also jumps at the chance to text with the guy who danced with her at the festival. Life was finally looking up.

Boston’s friend, Chad, never should have given Boston’s number to the girl at the wine festival as a joke, but the damage was done. When El sends Boston a text later that night, believing he is Chad, he’s too nice to hurt her feelings by telling her the truth. But there are a few other truths Boston might have thought about:
Truth #1: He’s her boss
Truth #2: She just accepted a job at his mother’s new winery
Truth #3: He’s always had a crush on her

Even though Boston is no longer El’s grumpy boss, they still work together at his mom’s winery. And while sparks are flying as they get to know each other for real, El’s kind of sweet on the guy who always seems to know just what to say via text too.

Obviously, things will come to a head.

Will Boston come clean about the flirty texts being from him? Or will El figure out on her own that she’s been Texting With the Enemy? 

My opinion:

Texting with the Enemy by Delaney Stewart and Marika Ray is a contemporary romance. It’s the first book from the Digital Dating series.

El Watson worked in accounting at West Wine. She wanted to be into sales and had gone through an interview with the new boss, Boston Cunningham. It was a disaster since he managed to offend her multiple times. El considered him the enemy and when she got an offer for a job at a wine festival she accepted immediately. Not only she would escape from Boston but also got the number of a hot guy.
Of course, what she didn’t know was that she would be kept seeing him since the new winery was owned by his mom and that he was the guy she was texting. A mind-blowing situation that would either go really good or hella bad. What’s it going to be?

Such a swooning romantic story. It’s told by a Dual pov, it has a simple storyline that is thoroughly entertaining. I loved the enemies to lovers theme. The fact that the guy here was secretly in love with the girl was exciting because it is quite rare. The plot has a good and steady build-up. At the right times, we got a little bit of background information that helped with the progress of the story.
The characters were great as well. El was a sweet clumsy girl and Boston a tight-up man who bossed everyone around but inside he was insecure. Their evolvement throughout the story was incredible. My favorite moment was their first kiss.

In general, this is a great romance perfect for all readers since it doesn’t contain any explicit scenes. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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