Review: The Reaper Incarnate by C.A. Rene and R.E. Bond


The Reaper is hot on your tail,
What have you done?
You’ve made it onto her list,
Who did you hurt?
The hunt is just the beginning,
How far can you run?
Your soul is hers to reap,
Where can you hide?
Watch out for her scythe,
Why do you cry?

The life of a vigilante is meant to be a lonely one,
Roaming darkened streets and collecting secrets.
Until the four of them forced their way into mine,
Stirring up feelings I didn’t know I had.
But if they try to fuck with my plans,
My pretty knife will be through their throats and my bloody scythe on their foreheads. 

My opinion:

The Reaper Incarnate by C.A. Rene and R.E. Bond is a dark reverse harem romance.

It’s about Selene a twenty-five-year-old girl who has the role of a vigilante named the Reaper Incarnate. She finds predators, who prey upon the innocent and vulnerable, and kills them. Suddenly in her way came four men, (Zander, Darius, Santos, Blaze) who played well with her demons and showed her that she didn’t have to fight alone. Can the lonely Reaper trust those men not to mess with her plans?

This is one sick and twisted story. A simple plot filled with some triggering and depraved scenes. To me, this is a hardcore dark romance mostly based on the erotic side and less on the emotional. It has moderate suspense and mystery but lots of kinky sex. This story has originality because it puts the female characters in the center portraying her as the alpha and the males as secondary. All of them were intriguing, in a way. Selene was a psychotic sex addict killer with a goal. She was on the top level of craziness.
The second place took the crazy duo, Santos and Darius. The first one with his love for blood and the other one with his roping skills. Then we have Zander with the more romantic and less kinky side. Last but not least is Blaze who seemed scary but I didn’t understand much about him, he was too secretive.

The Reaper Incarnate is a good beginning for the Reaped series. It has everything you need in a dark romance and. I liked it and I will rate it with 4 stars. I only recommend it to those who loved the disturbingly dark stories.

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