Review: A Kiss of Venom by Beena Khan


A comatose broken with a single, deadly kiss.

Once upon a dream…
Heavy were the eyelids of the woman who reigns alone.

I’ve been in a coma for the past three years after an accident left me unconscious and widowed. I’m in a sleep so deep, it cannot be broken… until one day, I feel a brush of soft lips against mine.

In my groggy state, I wake up to a pair of dark eyes and a sinister smile.

Now I’ve returned to my old life. I’m your neighborhood hot mess single mom who keeps her nose in everyone’s business. My husband was the FBI director, and I was one of his agents. We were part of an operation, and now, caught in the crosshairs, I’ve returned to finish the case of the most dangerous man in New York City.

My case is the Tyrant Alexander Nikolaev, the Pakhan of the Russian Bratva.

They say all great love stories have happy endings, but mine already ended in a tragedy…. but he’s awakening something in me that’s dark. Kill him or kiss him, I can’t decide.

I’m getting ensnared in his trap. If I don’t entangle myself from his wicked power—I just might end up losing my life. Then no one can sever those threads.

Welcome to New York’s Underworld.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

A Kiss of Venom by Beena Khan is a dark romance. It’s the first book from the Black Widow series.

Ghislaine Khalil was an FBI agent who worked along with her husband, the FBI director Driss Khalil. They had an accident during one of their operations and she ended up being in a coma. Three years later she was awoken by a kiss. What she thought was a dream turned out to be a nightmare, she was kissed by one of the deadliest mafia guys, Alexander Nikolaev. He was the pakhan of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, everyone
feared him except the little girl that brought him his little bird. After that kiss, he knew he knew he couldn’t stay away. He brought out of her a dark side that excited her and scared her at the same time. She wanted to steer clear of him but she couldn’t do it. The attraction between them was hard to ignore, but what would happen when Ghislaine remembered her past? Could she live with a man whose morality was so much different from hers?

This is a dark retelling of the sleeping beauty fairytale. It’s a mix of dark romance and mystery. The plot grips you from the very first page and it is very difficult to put it down. The characters were interesting as well. Alexander was the typical mafia boss, dark, handsome, and dangerous. Ghislaine was the one that stood out. Her psychological issues combined with her battle between good and evil
made her quite intriguing. Their chemistry was incredible, it was obvious they belonged together. What I loved the most was how he brought her out of her sadness and made her feel alive. Their intimate scenes were too hot to handle. My favorite part was the first meeting of Noura and Alexander.

I am in love with this new series and I can’t wait for the next book. I will rate it with 4,5 stars.

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