Review: Her Dirty Mechanics by Mika Lane


The sexy mechanics at my father’s car repair shop get all kinds of motors running. And they’re more than willing to teach me how to handle a stick…or two or three.
When I move back to my home town to run my dad’s car repair shop, it looks like his hunky mechanics are going to be running…me.
One is my brother’s best friend.
Another, the boy I skinny-dipped with when I was sixteen.
And last but not least, a scary ex-con.
All three drive very…fast.
And are talented with their…tools.
While giving me a hard…ride.
They’re teaching me all I need to know.
And I don’t mean just about fixing cars.
Life in the fast lane is so much fun with the right mechanics by your side. 

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Her Dirty Mechanics by Mika Lane is a reverse harem romance. It’s the fourteenth book from the Men at Work series.

Nella Bryson was a barista at Mug Me Coffee in New York. On her twenty-fifth birthday, she got a call from her brother informing her that their dad had an accident and she had to go back home to help him. After five years she went back to her hometown and found out that she
had to run her father’s garage. She also learned about her three employees: Sebastian Greer(her brother’s best friend), Jake Parker (her high-school heartbreak), and Gus Martins (an ex-con). At first, no one was happy about this situation but they were determined to make
it work. The more they worked together the more the attraction grew and slowly Nella was getting intimate with the boys. Their lust turned into a romance quickly. Could the girl from New York be in a relationship with three small-town men?

As always Mika Lane doesn’t disappoint with her steamy novels. This one started with a little bit of family drama and then turned into a hot romantic story. I liked the plot a lot, it managed to keep my interest with the little surprises. The characters were amazing, very realistic, and likable. The adult scenes were extremely spicy. One of my favorite moments was when Nella found out the reason for the accident.

If you love the reverse harem genre then this book is for you. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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