Review: The Boy She Never Knew by T. Kings


What will happen when she falls in love with a boy she never knew she met before? When she does, will it end in heartache or happily ever after? This boy is a charming liar but can she deduct the truth from the lies or will she wish he was still the boy she never knew?

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Boy She Never Knew by T.Kings is a new adult romance.

Ezelyah aka Ez had been burnt from her previous failed relationships which lead her to put her guard up in order to protect herself. Sarcasm had become her defense mechanism. Her best friend Stephine urged her to meet new guys. Ez started talking through messages with Dean and met at Stephine’s house. It turned out that Dean went to their school but she had never noticed him. He was a charming young man
with a huge ego and took Ez’s reluctance as a challenge. They went on several dates and little by little he captured her heart. So the million-dollar question was: Would he treasure it or break it?

This is a really nice romantic story. It combines love issues that every person has endured and the fear of the future. The romance was a slow burn and there aren’t any erotic scenes so it’s perfect for all readers. The characters were interesting. EZ reminded me of all the girls that are afraid to trust after so much heartbreak. Truth be told I kind of saw myself in her. I liked how much she grew throughout
the book, she was like a completely different person. Dean was a mix of a douche and a fun guy. At first, I was bothered by her attitude but later I enjoyed their little banters. My favorite part was when she stood up for herself.

In general, this is a nice book and I highly recommend you to give it a chance. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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