Review: Her Dirty Archeologists by Mika LAne


As an archeologist, I’m used to getting down and dirty. But the three hot nerds at my current dig are interested in penetrating more than just the ground…
I’m thrilled to join three hunky scientists at a secret site in the middle of a desert to search for the buried riches of a lost city.
And they’re very happy to have my…assistance.
Being far from home isn’t bad with brilliant, brainy, and brawny men for company.
I have a thing for smart, sexy guys, and these ones fit the bill perfectly.
They fit some other things, too.
To find their priceless artifacts…
They dig very…deep,
Using penetrating…sensors,
And know how to value their…treasures.
But when our site is taken over by looters and grave robbers, things get dangerous.
Will they protect their precious excavation…or me? 

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Her Dirty Archeologists by Mika Lane is a steamy reverse harem romance. It’s the thirteenth book from the series Men at Work.

Fleur Holmes was a grad student and had started her PhD program in archeology. Her professor Drake Bancroft had scheduled a field trip and she was chosen to participate. She was excited to go on one of the most important archeological explorations but also scared since she hated camping. They were also joined by the head of department Jonas Keller and his twin brother Penn. To the men, it was too obvious
that she was a rookie and they thought that she was a lost cause and in no condition to contribute much of anything to the dig. Fleur was going to prove them wrong. From day one despite her fears, she appeared fierce and willing. There was only a little problem, she was into hot nerdy guys and they were into the smart hot girl. Due to the obvious sexual tension, there were lots of explosive moments between them. But what happens when looters are causing trouble and threaten their precious treasure?

This is one of the hottest reverse harem romance stories I have ever read. It is written by multiple pov. The story is mostly focused on the sexual relationship but also has a little suspense based on the archeological trip. The danger added a lot to the plot. I liked that there was a gradual introduction to this poly relationship. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts. It’s from the rare books that both male and female characters were a mix of nerdy and hot. Fleur was my favorite, she evolved from the scared girl to the fierce sexy kitten. Their intimate scenes were by far the best.

This book is for those that can handle a lot of heat in their romantic stories. I highly recommend it to those who love this genre. I will rate it with 4.5 stars.

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