Review: It’s All About Catalina and Maggie by Jane Smith


Maggie and Catalina have been best friends for years; however, on one fateful day, their lives coincide. Maggie finds out that her boyfriend of eight years, Adam Bartley, has been cheating on her for months and has left her for his high school sweetheart. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she rings her best friend, Catalina.

Catalina’s work life is always stressful, and after consoling her heartbroken friend, she gets involved in a traffic collision, a day she is unable to cope with.

Following this day, Catalina and Maggie, fearing their lives are destined for singledom, decide to make the changes that will help improve their love lives. Both soon discover that making small changes in life and meeting two important people can make the biggest impact.

Finding true love is never easy.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

It’s all about Catalina and Maggie is a novel by Jane Smith.

The story is concentrated on the lives of two best friends. Firstly we have Maggie, she recently broke up with her cheating ex and was having
a life crisis. Then there was Catalina with her very stressful job that kept her occupied and single for a long time. Both girls decided
to change their lives so they could be happier. A new house arrangement, a job you enjoy, and a new partner can sure give you a happy ending.

The writing part of the book is unlike those I usually read. Every chapter has a small scene description and the rest is filled with dialogues.
It kind of reminds me of a greek tv series I watch. The plot is nice and fun at times. It seems like a very
realistic story with all the common life problems. The characters are peculiar. Both main characters have flaws and many similarities.
They are set on their own ways and believe they are right. They have commitment issues and judge people easily. They are also good friends and
very caring. I loved the way they finally changed and found happiness. The last couple of chapters were my favorite parts.

It’s an interesting, fun book that I recommend you to read if you want to try something different. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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