Review: Silence in the Library by Katharine Schellman


Regency widow Lily Adler didn’t expect to find a corpse when visiting a family friend. Now it’s up to her to discover the killer in the charming second installment in the Lily Adler mysteries.

Regency widow Lily Adler has just started to feel settled into her new London home when her semi-estranged father arrives, intending to stay with her while he recovers from an illness. To placate and avoid him, she takes his place in a social visit with Lady Wyatt, a woman Lily doesn’t know. But when Lily arrives for her second visit, she finds the household in an uproar: Sir Charles, Lady Wyatt’s much older husband and a friend of Lily’s father, is dead in his library. All signs indicate that he tripped and struck his head on the mantelpiece. But when Bow Street constable Simon Page is called to the scene, he suspects that Sir Charles was murdered.
Mr. Page was there when Lily caught her first murderer, and he trusts her insight into the world of London’s upper class. With the help of Captain Jack Hartley, they piece together the reasons that Sir Charles’ wife, sons, and nephew might have wanted him dead. But everyone who might have profited from the old man’s death seems to have an
alibi. With no clear suspect, the trio nearly conclude that the death was an accident after all… until Lily receives a mysterious summons to speak with one of the Wyatts’ maids, only to find the young woman dead from poison when she arrives.
Mr. Page believes the surviving family members are hiding the key to Sir Charles’ death, and it isn’t long before Lily realizes that her father may know what it is. To uncover the truth, Lily must convince the father who doesn’t trust or respect her to help catch his friend’s killer before anyone else in the Wyatt household dies.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Silence in the Library by Katharine Schellman is a cozy mystery. It’s the second book from the Lily Adler Mystery.
Even though it is a part of a series it can be read as a standalone as well.

It is such a great and captivating story. I don’t usually comment about the title of the book but it is a rather clever one.
The writing part is excellent and easy to follow. It’s a regency mystery that reminds me a lot about Miss Marple by Agatha Christie.
I love mysteries like this one because they make the suspects both innocent and guilty which makes it really hard for the reader to
correctly guess the real murderer. Not only I couldn’t decide who to blame but I could have never guessed the reason behind it, it
was an unexpected twist. The characters were incredible as well. Each of them from a different part of society but with many ethical
similarities. Of course, my favorite one was Lily, she was such a bright and observant girl.

It’s from the books that even though you have to put it down you just need to read one more chapter. I highly recommend you to read
it, I enjoyed it a lot. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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