Review: Men at Work books 1-4 by Mika Lane


Books 1-4 in the sassy, steamy Men at Work Reverse Harem Collection.

Her Dirty Rockers
Dirty Bandit. The hottest band in the world. Talented. Good looking. And the biggest jerks ever.
Yeah, every girl loves a bad boy rockstar. Or three.
But what about stuck-on-themselves too-cool-for-school party boys who can’t keep their their pants zipped?
Who also happened to make my life a living hell ten years ago?
No thanks.
But when they needed help with their image, they called me.
And now I have to clean up their act before they lose their multi-gazillion dollar record deal and world tour. That’s how far gone they are.
Now I’m babysitter to a bunch of party boy rockstars.
But they’re paying me a crap ton of money, and for that, I can put up with a little… madness while I clean up their reputation. It’s only a few weeks.
And then I’ll be back to my orderly existence.
Or so I thought.

Her Dirty Teachers
Wellshire University’s hottest professors. Brainy. Brawny. And forbidden.
My Math professor is dexterous with his… equations.
My English professor is a champ at caressing my… run-on sentences.
And, my French professor is magnifique around penetrating… verb conjugations.
I love their classes. I always sit in front. And I raise my hand for every question.
Until the day I saw them watching my little show at Club V, where I earn money for school by showing off my… skills.
I thought they’d stop coming when they realized I worked there.
But now that they’ve seen me, they can’t seem to look away.
The dude I’d just given the special dance? He was my English professor.
And I’d be seeing him at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Her Dirty Doctors
Headlands Hospital’s hottest doctors. Brilliant. Good looking. And terribly off limits.
I went to the hospital with an aching… need.
And the handsome doctors made me all better with their big… instruments.
I want to show them my… gratitude.
But first I have make sure they don’t find out my father is their boss.
Or that I’m just finishing nursing school—and will start working with them next week.These hot, over-the-top romances include sexy working men with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the women who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this is for you.

Her Dirty Bodyguards
The city’s hottest bodyguards. Deadly. Fearless. Gorgeous as hell. And assigned to protect… me.

Just go on about your day, they say. Pretend we’re not there.
But how could I ignore the three hottest men I’d ever laid eyes on?
It’s true, I need them to stay alive.
And when I realize they are watching me a little more closely than they have to, it seems like it’s time to have some fun.

#1 Her Dirty Rockers
#2 Her Dirty Teachers
#3 Her Dirty Doctors
#4 Her Dirty Bodyguards

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

If you love reverse harem romance then this collection is for you. It contains different stories full of steamy moments. Dirty Rockers, Teachers, Doctors, and Bodyguards want to pleasure and protect their women. The plot of each book is simple and focuses on the relationship between the characters and the problems that arise each time. For the most part, they are super fun and naughty. The characters are incredible as well. The male ones are hot, devoted to their work, and a bit hard-headed. The females are sassy little things that bring them to their knees. If you are a naughty girl get this box set!!!

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