Review: Obsessed by Arabella Black


An Age Gap Dark Romance

The notorious playboy prince. An innocent young girl. A forbidden love story that will end in heartbreak.

Welcome to Katantia.

I’m new here.
Every day, they bully me.
I’m too young for him.
He’ll never notice me, they say.
But I’m his neighbor, and they’re all trash.
Aris Wraith can fuck whoever.
One thing’s for certain.

I’m a manwhore, they say.
My brother’s always been better than me.
But I made Valentina Cross my wife.
I have it all.
And now?
I’m about to lose it.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Obsessed by Arabella Black is dark age-gap erotica. It’s part of the Wraith Royals series.

I will start with the technicalities: It’s a well-written book, it has a dual pov and it alternates between present and past. The descriptions are very detailed which makes it easier to picture the scenes. There are no grammatical or spelling errors.

About the plot: It’s a really dark romance. Half of the story is about their past where it recounts some monumental moments of their personal lives. It’s also the part that contains the triggers, rape, humiliation, objectification of the females, suicide. The other half is about the present time which is more tamed and it’s about their new strained relationship and their kid. It’s a raw and intense erotic story, there is no sugarcoating. The only happiness is in the ending scene.

About the characters: Aris has shown many sides of himself. He was kind, loving, ruthless, protective. He changed throughout the book. While he became a better person Valentina got worst. She was this cute innocent kid, then the sad hurt teenager, and her ending phase was the bitter and vengeful adult. I didn’t like her at all, to me she wasn’t redeemable.

If you choose to read it as a standalone, like me, you have to pay extra attention in order to get the pieces for this strange puzzle.

Reading Obsessed was an experience for me. It’s definitely one of the top five hardcore dark romance books I have ever read. It gave me chills while reading some parts of it. It has an intensity that sucks you in. It’s an incredible and unique story that I only recommend to those who love this genre, it isn’t for the faint hearts. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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