Review: The Christmas Proposal by Miley Maine


I thought crushing on my big brother’s best friend was no big deal. I thought that I’d get over it in time.

But no, I only wanted him more when I grew up.

I knew that he remembered me just as clearly as I remembered him. 
He rejected me all those years ago because I was too young. 
But the odds are still against us. 
Grayson is a billionaire. 
He’s my soon-to-be boss.
And most importantly, my brother would never approve of our relationship. 
Grayson values their friendship. 
Maybe more than he values our love. 
But one thing’s for sure.
He can’t keep his hands off me.
Grayson was everything I needed after my recent breakup. 
He should’ve been a quick fling. 
A childhood crush that I needed to get out of my system. 
Nothing about us was supposed to be permanent. 

But when my pregnancy test reads positive, I know that hearts will be broken, relationships will be ruined, and the drama will begin. 

Everything just in time for Christmas. 

My opinion:

I received an ARC from Booksprout in exchangre for an honest review

The Christmas Proposal by Miley Maine is a holiday romance.

Serenity Allen a twenty-four-year-old girl was in a bad place emotionally. Her boyfriend had broken up with her, she didn’t get into Julliard and she was unemployed. Her brother’s best friend, Grayson Davis, was visiting for the holidays which cheered her up. He was her childhood crush one she had never gotten over. Thirteen years ago Grayson had left an eleven-year-old girl and found
a beautiful young woman. There were sparks between them that soon became erotic flames. Would they succumb to their lust even though it could bring trouble?

It’s a sweet story perfect for a holiday break or as a gift for your romance addict friends. I liked it a lot, especially the very surprising ending. I will rate it with 3.8 stars.



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