Review: Behind Two Screens by Selena Michaels


Traumatized, mentally drained, and disillusioned about relationships, Holly Banks flees from her life in Maine. She finds herself in Virginia Beach hiding amongst everyone. A hermit of her own making. When a series of events lead to her meeting Alexander Harris, her heart is not ready to take the leap. But while their love grows, the darkness that threatens Holly’s life grows near. With danger lurking on the horizon, can Holly show Alexander what it means to truly love before it’s too late?

My Opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Behind Two Screens by Selena Michaels is an emotional romance.

Holly Banks was a victim of abuse by her boyfriend. She fled from her hometown in Maine and moved to Virginia Beach. She thought that if no-one knew where she was that she would be safe from him. She felt lonely and her friend created a profile in a dating app. It didn’t take
long before she had a match there. Alexander Harris has a bad break up and he had been alone for some time. Now he felt it was time to find his perfect woman and settle down. His friend Zack told him about the dating app and he gave it a shot. They matched and started talking immediately. They hit it off and enjoyed each other’s company (even if it was only online). Her happiness was short-lived because her ex started threatening her again. She decided to visit a lawyer and do something about this crazy situation. By sheer luck, she ended up in Alexander’s office. He vowed to do anything in his power to help her and keep her safe. The more time they spent together the more they were falling for each other. Everything would have turned out great if the psycho wasn’t so clever…

It’s a well-written book, with well-detailed scenes when needed. The story is told in the present time with a dual pov and has some flashbacks. The plot is intense at times and contains physical and mental abuse. For the most part, the story is sweet with a few erotic moments.
The intensity changes throughout the book, it goes from an emotional scene to a few tame and funny ones and back again. There are some twists you won’t see them coming and a very horrifying scene towards the end. The characters are related, like the people next door.
Both had issues with past relationships, although Holly’s were on another level. They were both nice but I liked how much Holly changed.

In general, this is an excellent book that I highly recommend you to read. I will rate it with 4.5 stars.
P.S. If you are triggered by abusive scenes be careful this one might not be for you.



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