Review: Novae Spes by Terry Steward.


Robert Howdon has just published his first book on how mankind is successfully utilising renewable energy sources; reducing dependence on fossil fuels and slowing global warming. The main issue now facing mankind is that of plastic pollution.

He becomes excited to hear of a program to modify genes in bacteria to efficiently digest plastic. This excitement in finding a way to eliminate plastic pollution turns to horror as he discovers the impact that genetically modified bacteria are having on the environment and people’s lives.

The perpetrators are aware that Robert’s discovery could discredit them; if the devastating impact of real-world trials of gene modified (GM) bacterium were exposed, the company would face certain financial ruin. However, as fatalities climb, and evidence mounts, the perpetrator becomes more anxious to protect themselves and set a course for a direct confrontation with Robert.

One will be silenced.

My opinion:

I received a copy by Austin Macauley Publication in exchange for an honest review.

Novae Spes by Terry Steward is science fiction. It’s based on the vision of certain people of saving the planet.

The story is about an author named Robert Howdon who had published a book on how mankind is successfully utilising renewable energy sources; reducing dependence on fossil fuels and slowing global warming. He had made a big impact on this and the press was after him. That’s how he was noticed by Hugh, a member of GM Agro-Tech. He wanted to involve Robert in order to get good publicity for his project. His plans took a turn for the worst after an accident almost cost the lives of a few students, included Robert’s daughter. Nothing was going to stop him from uncovering the
truth behind this scheme and helping to save the environment.

The plot is fascinating and very informative. It starts with a bang since the prologue contains an intense scene. The actual beginning of the story is quite mellow, it is informing us about the main characters and their intentions. Slowly it gets more fervent and suspenseful. The action is rising and towards the end, there is the big revelation along with a few gruesome scenes. The story ends with a cliffhanger, which could maybe lead to another book?!

Even though I am clueless regarding science, the topic of the story is a hot topic that concerns all of us. The combination of that and the suspense/mystery is incredible. I find it marvelous and I truly enjoyed it. I will rate it with 5 stars.

P.S. Mr. Terry Steward is a very promising writer.



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