Review: Shaft by Krista Gold ( Steamy Romance)


It’s been one of those mornings for Allie Sinclair – and things are only getting worse. She should be interviewing for her dream job at Hart Enterprises; instead, she’s trapped in their elevator after a power outage caused by a lightning strike. She’s late, she’s soaked from running through the storm – and she’s not alone.

Trapped along with her is the devastatingly sexy Nate, a one-time Lothario who has recently sworn off casual sex – especially with anyone associated with Hart Enterprises.

The mutual attraction is instant, and despite their best efforts, the two soon succumb to temptation…but at what cost?

Allie’s had her fair share of unreliable men in the past, and she knows that Nate is not what she needs – but what if he’s what she wants?

And Nate isn’t looking for anyone – but what if he’s found THE one?

Sparks will fly in the new steamy romance from the best-selling author of ‘Wallflower.

One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be one hell of a ride… 

My opinion:

Shaft by Krista Gold is a steamy contemporary romance.

About the story: Allie Sinclair was unemployed and had an interview for the Executive Assistant position at Hart Enterprises. That morning started horribly for her and by the time she managed to get there nothing improved. She ended up soaking wet and stuck in the building’s elevator with a very sexy stranger (ok that wasn’t a totally bad thing). There were sparks between them and
soon enough Allie and Nate had a very intimate acquaintance. When they got out of the elevator they were in for a big surprise.

With thirty-seven chapters, it is a perfect size for a novel but it feels like it’s a short story. The whole thing takes place in an elevator for a little over an hour. It’s solely focused on the attraction of the characters and the hot sex they were having. It went from innocent to dirty in just a few moments. I am not a huge fan of the books that is concentrated on the erotica ( I just need a
good story to back it up), but Krista’s writing skills and the alternation between their feelings and the sex kept my interest intact.
The end leaves you with a huge need to see what happens next with Nate and Allie.

If you are looking for a hot read then Shaft is the perfect book for you. I enjoyed reading it and I recommend it to every steamy romance fan. I give it 4 stars.


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