Review: Yes Daddy (Daddy Knows Best #2) by Kelly Myers


I’m so tempted to claim Eden.

So tempted to ravish her.

But she’s the woman who is completely off limits.

Eden works at my beach house as a maid.

She’s over a decade younger than me.

Gorgeous. Submissive. Innocent.

I’m insanely protective of her.

And I care about what she thinks of me.

I’ve got a past.

Things that won’t sit well with her.

Drama that might tear us apart.

But her safety and happiness come first.

And I need her troublesome stepfather to back off.

Eden is my responsibility.

She has my heart.

Will she want to keep it once she finds out what I’m hiding?

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Eden lived with her abusive stepfather and her two younger twin sisters. She worked hard to provide for them and earn a scholarship at a college in Florida. It was hard for a twenty-two-year-old to succeed it but she made it. She had to wait until fall to get her sisters and move there. Unfortunately, there was a change of plans because of her stepfather so they left sooner. They had to relocate to Santa Rosa and live with their cousin for a while. On her first day there she managed to find a job as a housekeeper at a local bed and breakfast in Seagrove.

Lukas Kyros had inherited the beach house from his aunt. Even though he had no idea how to run it he was adamant about fulfilling her wishes. When the two of them met they felt an instant attraction which led to a sexual relationship when Lukas realized that Eden was submissive. She was very obedient and eager to learn which excited him a lot.

Their relationship was going great until his big secret was accidentally revealed. Eden was devastated and fled with her sisters. Luke couldn’t let his perfect little submissive to go and he was ready to do anything to get her back and give her the life she deserved.

Yes Daddy by Kelly Myers is a BDSM romance based on two themes: a boss/ employee and Daddy/little. It’s the second book of the Daddy Knows Best series and it’s about a Greek billionaire, Lukas Kyros, and a young hard-working girl, Eden.

It is a well-written book with a good structure and a steady paced plot. The storyline is nice, I like the general romantic theme. The 2/3 of the book is solely focused on explaining the Daddy/little relationship with many erotic examples. The other 1/3 is the true romance along with the little drama that appeared towards the end.

The characters were ok, but I didn’t feel any chemistry between them and definitely no sparks like those from the first book of the series. Their relationship for the most part was like a teacher with a student. They didn’t even seem passionate about their personal lives. Eden had a goal of becoming a nurse and that was it. Luke just wanted to fulfill his estranged aunt’s wishes, which I didn’t understand why.

I appreciate this book for the information about the BDSM world but I am more fan of the previous book. So based on the general theme and the writing skills of the author I will rate it with 3.5 stars.



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