Review: Crimson at Cape May (The Haunted Shores Mysteries Book 2) by Randy Overbeck

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“Hey, is there some kind of theatre doing a nineteenth century play, some Jane Austen story or something?” Darrell turned and asked the bartender who passed, delivering two beers to a couple down the bar. Darrell hoped his question sounded simply curious but was afraid it came out desperate.

After he dropped off the drinks, the guy stopped in front of Darrell and picked up Kurt’s empty bottle, using a towel lodged in his apron string to wipe off the wood. “Oh, you mean Margaret?” The server grinned, showing a few missing teeth.

Darrell swerved in his seat to point out the woman sitting at the second booth down the row. But she was gone. “She was right there.” He pointed to the now empty table in the center of the room. “She wore this gaudy makeup and this fancy, old-time, flowing red dress. I saw her there a few seconds ago.”

The barkeep chuckled and pointed at the inked snake on his neck. “With black ruffles on the collar?”

Darrell nodded.

“Oh, that was Margaret. She…um, you might say, she floats in here from time to time.” He tucked the towel back into its place. “She’s one of the ladies of the evening from the House of Royals. And…she’s pretty much a regular round here.”

“The House of Royals?” Darrell asked.

“Yeah, they tell me one of our hotels housed a famous bordello about a hundred years ago.”

“A hundred years ago? You mean…?”


                         My opinion:

       I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Darrell Henshaw was a coach/history teacher who got fired from his old school in Wilshire because of his involvement with the local ghost. He went to Cape May to help with the football camp until the mess in his home town was resolved. Unfortunately for him another ghost approached him and asked for his help. He tried to avoid it but when he figured out that the ghost’s death was connected with a girl’s disappearance he decided to take action. While Darrell and his girlfriend Erin were looking for clues his best friends, Al and Sara McClure were working on clearing his name. It was hard for an outsider to find information about the Haunted Bride and he was very glad when he met another sensitive there, a young woman named Cassie. Since Cassie had local friends it was easier for her to ask around, and since Darrell was a history teacher he took over the research in the library. The more they were digging around the more death threats they received. Darell was concerned, he didn’t want history to repeat itself but he also couldn’t abandon the ghost and the girls that were in danger.
Crimson at Cape May by Dr. Randy Overbeck is the second book of the Haunted Shores Mysteries. It’s a ghost/mystery story filled with suspense and action.

The plot is so engrossing it had me hooked from the very first page. It has a steady pace and there is a slow revelation of the clues that connected the two cases. The author’s writing style was so illustrative that intensified each scene and made the story more vivid.

There is a great choice of characters and a very defined transformation in them.  Darrell was reserved and caring towards the kids and his friends. Erin was a true sweetheart and gave motherly vibes. Cassie was a troubled kid who was strong enough to survive but craved to be loved. I liked how relatable they were and how easily they got attached to each other.

I can’t just pick just one part as my favorite since I loved the whole book. It is an amazing captivating story that you don’t want to miss. I highly recommend it and I will rate it with 5 stars.
PS: If this was a movie I would totally watch it!!!



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